How may we service your needs?
Humble Industrial Services, LLC (HIS) is a one-stop shop for Water Jet Cutting, Plasma
Cutting, Brake Work, Rolling, Welding and Fabrication.  We are essential for any company
needing turnaround from prototype to production.  

Water Jet Cutting Services

We are able to produce any two dimensional shape with precise cutting of virtually any material.
 This advanced technology combines high pressured water and an abrasive to produce a
quality finish without a heat-affected zone.  It can cut shim stock with a .005 of an inch cutting
tolerance and thicker materials up to 6" thick steel.  

We will get you the results you are looking for with tight holes, smooth, precise-edges that can
be produced through .DXF files, CAD files, scanned images, or hand drawn images that we
can convert to a finished product.  We are also able to cut titanium, stainless steel, glastic,
plastics,  and aluminum without warping or distorting the materials that are typically found with
plasma or torch cutting processes.  

Plasma Cutting Services

Our high-definition CNC plasma cutting produces excellent quality and tight tolerances.  We are
able to cut up to 2" thick and material up to 8 feet by 20 feet in size.

Welding and Fabrication

Our fabricating staff has fifteen years plus experience in their craft and is knowledgeable and
capable of MIG and TIG welding on stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel as well as many
other materials.

Brake Work